Grieving the loss of normal??? On what planet???

I listened to the teacher on CNN try an explain her new normal for teaching in a social distance climate and I got to thinking of the young professionals we are seeing for PT and they are just a little older than that teacher on TV and they had no clue when I brought up names…

Names of the people who fought and died during WWI, WWII, Korean & Vietnam… so I knew to mention the ancestors I’m related to, who founded America would have no value… and it dawns on me, what is normal…

We sure hear a lot about tradition of the flag and pledge and country and freedom of speech and right to bear arms…. but we are so hell bent on our own agenda, we don’t see the enemy within…. christians…the ones trying to rewrite our constitution to their warped fear driven religion…. what god needs a cathedral??? What god says it’s okay to rape or beat children??? What god says it’s okay for you to tell me what to do with MY BODY???

Trump has exploited this rift in America and made it about something, that only fear drives… people afraid to have sex… and afraid to admit who they really are… fear… evangelicals, christians, muslims…. all religion, driven by fear… an the ones who enjoy the so called sins the most… that you can bank on…


You weren’t born afraid and you weren’t born a believer… but you heard and you listened an you did things you shouldn’t have and mans god became your excuse and justification….

Yep, true definition of insanity… prayer… and expect the outcome to work in your favor… no kiddos, that is manipulation of life to obtain at all cost what you want, with no sense of humanity of right or wrong…

TV is off, got so tired of hearing the same crap on TV, christians, be it a CNN news anchor or someone they are interviewing… Religion is the deep state in America….

I told hubby, now that I know about all my injuries… making our next choice for a home, got a whole lot easier… because we are making it about ourselves, solely….

Dr. Fauci, seems to think, good chance a vaccine will be available by the end of next year… and if they do… we could be leaving Hawai’i by 2022, which works for us…

Now to just find a place we really want to live, till we die… oh boy…

Margie, reflecting….

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