Douglas just got real…. Hurricane Watch… edited

Yep, here we go again… I think this makes #6 for me, with hurricanes and typhoons… watched my oldest get blown down the street, screaming the whole way… ex hubby went out an got him… it was funny….

Sheds are all moved an more out of the line of fire for wind and the sheds are all repacked, with what we hope to keep and use…. gas can’s, hubby going to fill them… propane full and both vehicles full and generator full…. we are as ready as possible and by tonight, everything will be tied down….

Camera moved, so I can monitor the outbuildings an green house… don’t want to lose anything… but we shrink wrapped everything we wanted to protect or they are in plastic… so, if buildings hold… our stuff should too… I hope…

We are down slightly off the road, have a lot in front of us, with a 100 foot tall albizia, which we expect to see it break when the winds get here… last hurricane weakened it… as for flooding… we got 50 inches with Lane and we only had very minor pools, that soaked into the lava rock beneath us… remember… we are, in reality on top of the tallest mountain just, we are at sea level… weird huh… live on lava rock, that is weird… every rumble, truck, vehicle… we get a slight vibration…

Our little acre is well protected from nature… 5th summer here and not the first hurricane… but we are ready….

Watching the numbers rise in Washington state again… no masks, no social distancing… honest, invincible you are not… I’ve had a new virus and so has hubby and we wouldn’t wish them on our worse enemy… they took from us, both illness’s took, COVID 19 is no different…

We are expecting to lose internet and power… our lines are above ground… so if no more blogs… you know we got hammered and will be down, until crews fix things….

Stay safe, social distance, wear a mask and wash frequently….

Adorable Spite, making dinner for Douglas….

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