More memories…edited

I can remember, an these are ghost memories still, but I remember, getting that chill down my spine and would snuggle under the cover more to get it to stop…

Along with that chill came goosebumps with pins and needles…. a swooshing sound in my ears and a beat to a drum, was my heart beat an is my heart beat….

Bee stings and cruelty and I wouldn’t touch strawberry ice cream… constant torment in the night, so young so little I kept looking for a light…

Any light to get me out of the hell I was in… I was 5 years old…. an adult god tried to break my spirit and sell my soul for their sins or my preference, their crimes….

Looking at those pictures, the originals copy I made from the paper copy and I see more damage upon Margie’s body… all because the parents are not any different than President Trump… thugs, who used man’s god as a cover…

Well the covers on my bed… are not light, even in summer… that cold chill will spread from the base of my spine and spread up my neck and transverse my whole body…. I’ve known this symptom since the hair brush beating….

When I looked at those pictures with better software… you can see, even at 5 years old, my neck is moving forward… to compensate for spinal injury… same thing I’ve done, since the VA in El Paso nearly killed me on their operating table and after so many veterans deaths in the news… get real… VA is a sexist organization that is out to discriminate against any who stand up to them… the bullies of the Federal system…

Who knew moving to Hawaii would prove to be so important in my survival… we moved here to bury hubby… instead, I’m the one getting all she ever wanted… yep, this feels good….

I don’t have any pictures of me after the hairbrush incident, the first pic I found was school pic and it’s one of the few, I’m not bruised in….

Dare you to look deep into my soul… I have dimples, just a FYI… an that dishwater blonde color, still got it an the curl… but the eyes… the eyes changed… look at the picture on the front page….

Enough melancholy…. got chores… big pot of beans and kabalsa for dinner….


Margie, remembering….. sorry, eyes not good, tried not to make typos… oooops….

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