I’ll give ya a quarter if ya???

I remember those words… weird how these memories open up… not a violent memory either….

Back in the day, oh my am I getting up there in years… but back in the day…

It was hold that antenna just like so and don’t move… and everyone got to watch TV, while you played antenna… or my favorite, I’ll give ya a nickle to change the channel….

His favorite… I’ll give ya a quarter if you scratch my back…..

Want to know what it’s like to touch a predator and that predator is your parent… it’s an interesting experience…

I got that thought of scratching, thinking about what Trump and evangelicals have done to America and got the same gagging feeling thinking of Trump as I did my father…..

I wasn’t very old, when I learned touch was something sacred… and It wouldn’t be long before I found that out….

I told hubby’s family I didn’t like hugs and one person gave them to me anyway… the person was a christian… they have the right to intrude into my space because their god Trump says they can….

Not exactly the way I plan to live the rest of my life… No, on my front door will be a sign with a upside down cross…. Religious shot on sight.…. doubt me… give me a little time at the shooting range, an it should all come back… I’ll just go for your knee caps….

Yep, that is exactly how it feels for any human to touch me and they tell me they are christian…. pasty, humans that think rape is immaculate….. yep you can’t fix stupid, but I got some ideas…

Yep, these memories are going to play out in an unusual way… and I got a feeling there are no holds barred on what I will remember… because for me to remember how I learn to hate touch, because of 1 man and 1 woman…. yep, christians creep me out like used care sales people… ewwww….

Back to your regularly scheduled program… till the next revelation happens….

Margie, journey through time as Douglas gets ever so closer…..

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