I am Someone too…

I listened to the young congresswoman stand up to the bully that said he was a husband of 45 years and a father… an her reply…. I am someone’s daughter too….

How true a statement… I was raised to respect and I also learned along the way, never to have favorites of any kind… not child, not friend, not husband… I treated everyone the same and that is a true story….

I am someone too, yet, my son and his wife went off on me, my oldest deceived me… my granddaughters have gone off on me, their mothers have gone off on me, I’ve had friends turn on me….and I had a mother do the worse to me and take my sister with her…. and yet…

They have come back, knocking on the door, telling me I’m not someone to be recognized until they have need of me in their lives again….????

It doesn’t work that way, except for christians… because their god will forgive their behavior… sorry kiddos, this god is saying no thank you… no to the drama, no to the family dynamic, no to the friendship that never was…


The door stays closed, because I too am someone… you may not respect yourselves or your lives, but you have no right to try and negatively impact mine… or anyone’s for that matter… only christians do that, try an take your space while escaping their’s…


I am someone, I am a mother, a daugher, a sister, a grandmother and a wife… and most of all…. I am a veteran….

I am not for sale… not for love, not for gifts, not for words, not for emotions…. I am someone and you will treat me accordingly or stay out of my world… and if that means you owe me information, that information will come first before the relationship…. and words, have meaning, if they have value and so far, you value only yourself…


I am someone and I will not allow it anymore….

Yes, that young congresswoman was my hero in that moment, telling a man, you are a bully and the GOP silent as usual… because they put a bully on the supreme court and he’s a rapist…. Kavanaugh….

No… christians may try to demean me, because I am a woman… but I saw their god and death is like rape, it’s never what it seems…..

No…. #I am someone too….

Sgt. USAF DAV, Margie, survivor of christians worse, death and rape and theft….

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