Cleaning House…

Banger right about 11PM, an so loud, he broke through my sleep, an I thought “F” you Hawaiian bully an rolled over an slept till I woke….

Started going through my followers an removing a couple of people who are reading this blog for perversely unsavory reasons…

All I do, take your handle an research you, an If you make me uncomfortable…. bye bye…. I had my fill of christian bullies decades ago, not interested in your thoughts let alone opinion… an I will continue to remove readers, IF I feel its appropriate….

Douglas is a cat 3, today, we finish what we need an get ready… should be wet…

No nightmares, no nada… just good old fashion uninterrupted sleep, except for the banger…hmmm may have to put the siren by the living room window, real easy to use, just afraid we will all have heart attacks, its that loud, little but ever so loud…hmmm sounds fun….


Adorable Spite

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