Vaccine Enhancement… don’t get your knickers in a wad… Educate and think, if possible… edited…

As a human, who has been injected with every vaccine out there except for Ebola and Anthrax… and hope I never have too… that being said… I’ve had them all, gave birth to healthy sons with I guess you can call brain activity… I gave up trying to figure the male sex… but they got brains and use them… and none of my family or the aunts, uncles, nada… an the majority of us were all military, either active duty, dependent wife or dependent brat… We all got the same shots… no problems….

So, curious what vaccine enhancement is??? All it is, an before the rumors start, there isn’t one made yet that does that… so, all it is, if you get the vaccine and you have the virus, the vaccine could make the virus worse…

Now for those with brains that actually function and don’t go screaming the sky is falling…. WHEN it is available to be vaccinated... get tested for the virus first... just that easy… do the adult thing and take thy head out of ass and think before saying it causes autism… it does not, no vaccine does, vaccines haven’t been around as long as autism… geez, facts, not fantasy…

And this is exactly what we plan to do… Get tested for the virus, before we take the vaccine… until that happens… we will wear masks on our island when in public, because that is the law and we will social distance and wash and do everything we can to help our island stay safe and that means, no one will visit us while we live here… so if you already got to come, count your stars, you are the last….

I’ll be watching and waiting and when I believe it is safe to take the vaccine, we will take the COVID19 test first, to ensure, we are disease free… an you, as a thinking adult, if you haven’t sold your soul for Trumps gold throne… use your brain an no conspiracy crap… okie dokie…???


Adorable Spite…

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