Oh lordy, the alarm?!?

Well, hubby picked up the mail and did his running around and of course I finally get to opening what I ordered and felt just a tad deflated… it look more like a toy than a loud speaker for an alarm….

So we look at the destructs and see that you really don’t have a way to turn the alarm off… and I send the dogs outside, because we don’t have smoke alarms because of those dogs… an we turn the alarm on….

YEP, it’s loud and YEP, it will get your attention… just not real interested in running outside to unplug it and putting that thing in the house ain’t happening… it goes off by accident in the middle of the night and I’ll have 2 large dogs in bed with us… uh no thank you…

So we are looking at options… which just means, if no switch to the power for that noisy thing… it may not get used…

But we bought shock collars a few years back and never used the 2 we bought, but figured, keep them, by the time we get home, our grand kids will be drinkers and dumber and between shock collars and a noisy freaky sounding alarm… beer pong may make for America’s funniest home video’s… I know them, they are that crazy…. look who mom is…


Adorable Spite… packing the toy away for it’s next adventure… lucky it wasn’t much money….

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