Fighting Covid Indoors….

Even when the AC is off, the unit is a fan above this filtering system… an it moves the air around our small home, keeping it cooler without using AC… The air machine sits below the unit for one reason, it has a UV ability, so all air in our home an what is brought in from outside, is filtered an hit with UV before being sent back out to the unit above….

I bought this in 2013, because of staying in our 5th wheel while we helped with hubbys dad…kept us from getting sick with 5 dogs in that 36ft fifth wheel, an it was handy during the lava eruption outside our back door…

If you can afford a small unit for your home, get one with UV capability an will cover your square footage…. ours even has a quiet mode for night….

Just a thought to help fight the Covid….because AC recirculating without fresh air, is an illness waiting to happen…

Adorable Spite….

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