Tripping thru the Tulips….

Ever trim dog nails, my big boy, oh geez… so give him something to help relax him an he’s my last chore other than dinner….

Tripping, done enough of that, foot drop, foot drag, indication of MS… scary… I loved bowling and bowled a 289 scratch… that was my last time bowling, I couldn’t take the pain in my left and I couldn’t hold onto the ball… I enjoy long walks or hikes, but by the time 1/2 hour has passed, my back is killing me… I enjoy swimming and tennis, but the motion and position of the head do me under…

I can go on for a good thousand words what I tried and learned I couldn’t do and never understood why…..

I do now… my body was a punching bag from the time I pissed her off and the hairbrush hit, till he hit me 17 years later and I landed a good 10 feet away… I just wished I had remembered it all… and that last blow, was the push to full blown stenosis that played it’s own games…

I kid you not the Air Force had me wear a heart monitor a couple times and it never picked anything up, an that was 10 years after I left hell, or the house of hell…

No it took a device, that was stuck to my chest for 2 straight weeks to tell me, I have an irregular heart beat… that was a toss up for decades, stomach or heart… now I know for sure, it’s always been the heart and when did it start???

Japan 1968…

Remember in the blog I write about the balance beam in high school and I write about Alabama… one America, one Japan an about 6 years apart….

A lot happened in between those years… The boob incident started the internal injuries with neuropathy… the boob incident added to the blunt force trauma from the TV interview and the baby not dads… that one cost me my life and Japan and Okinawa… my mouth cost me… but I would do it again… it let them know, you don’t own me or control me, but oh, people like them are the Trumps and evangelicals of the world and they will make my world look like childs play…..

Again, it still blows my ass out of the water, had 2 kids, went in the military an worked for over 30 years… before giving it up… and men wash out of basic because of why???

Yep, the christians of America aren’t out to do anything other than own you and if you doubt me, sweetie, you don’t see the forest for the trees….

Adorable Spite… this is going to get fun….

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