Tech sucks…

Well one thing is for sure, the brain is back, when it comes to solving computer issues… just had a huge issue with my big machine and as you can tell, it’s back up an running, an re-installing in the background…

Windows 1093 was a huge mistake to update to and it caused major problems and they knew it could, so they had it set up to take it off your system, if yours did what mine did… freeze… but if you don’t know how to get in to boot or dos or setup, you are screwed… I surprised myself how fast I hit that F8 or what ever button I hit… it was the right… one…

So, now on Ipad as PC restores the software I was trying to use the Adobe OCR, was going to look for some info for the book, instead I’m fixing a computer….

I had planned to write about sun an stenosis, think that will wait for the PC, hunt an peck not comfortable…


Adorable Spite….

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