So, Why the Occasional Memory Loss???


I had one MRI for blood…. flow on the brain….

I had a MRA for the same area looking for Infarcts, etc…

I had a MRI of the bone in my neck….

I had one last MRI of the whole brain….

The MRI in 2017 Dec, showed the Traumatic brain injury and blood stain… this is permanent, no fixing it, no undoing, no repairing it… that section of my right temporal lobe is permanently damaged….

MRA showed no further issues with that injury Jan 2018….

MRI in Dec 2019 showed the herniated disc in my neck and we learned at that time I had a central spinal cord injury, an what that means… it was injured and I recovered from the initial injury, but subsequent injuries to it, caused the stenosis that started in childhood…

MRI July 2020… well that one eliminated everything under the sun you could want taken out of the picture…. and boy am I ever so happy about that… last MRI… no need for any more… I got my answers…

So now you know the scans of the head, bone, blood and tissue….

What this all tells me, the memory loss I suffered from recently, directly related to the El Paso VA herniating my neck on the operating table Nov 2011 and covering up the injuries… it is documented that I refused to go back to PT, because I knew something had happened on the table and oh boy did the cover up begin and it still is… way to go El Paso VA…

This last memory loss was because the stenosis was so hot, my brain was being over heated daily and after a while, high fever takes it toll and so does stenosis…

Well now I’m aware of my neck being so easily herniated, because of the early spinal cord injuries… thankfully, it could have been oh so much worse and for some people, they would have given up on life a long time ago… the pain is that bad… like Alex Trebek says, if its worth fighting for, you don’t give up and life, is ever so much worth fighting for…. I learned that at 8 years old…

Over did my left side, doing the straps, going to have to take a pill to deal with the discomfort… but I know in the long run, it will be worth all this new pain and aggravation….

Like the PT kids told me, it’s going to take time… the memories, if they aren’t part of the brain that has permanent damage, they should come forward… I can account from Japan 1968 to now… it’s one little area of memory that I’m digging for… and the last barrier is truly down…

The only reason I’m not remembering….


Margie not yet ready for that victory lap….

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