Internet gone to shit and what I planned to write… duh!!!

So over this internet stuff, same thing went down in the last election as I stop and make sure the VPN is turned on!!! Twitter was just the beginning and it will get worse and a lot of people, will have their identity stolen… here we go again, Russia, China and North Korea having fun at our expense, because of Trump and his base…. please space ship come back an get the stupid!!!!

Rant over……

Heat and stenosis… I knew there had to be a connection to suicide cliff on Okinawa in 1971 and now… and it’s the stenosis….

One of the things stenosis does, it makes you feel like you are running a fever an all it is, nerves and many of them, shooting off signals at the same time or like I deal with they are being strangled… remember I had my left leg done for the same reason, my neck is driving me nuts… wonder if that is how humans have self combustion… burst into flames… we know my leg was warm to the touch and sometimes, even hot… with my head, you know it’s hot, by the sweat….

So as early as 17 years old, the stenosis was known, but was it earlier???

Keeping everything straight, the puking of solid food was the vagus nerve being pinched when the neck was herniated, which we counted 6 times that was going on by the symptoms in the past… but I’m pretty sure it was more frequent than that… so that’s got nada to do with the heat, doesn’t help, but, not it…

So, when I get that freezing chill down my spine, which started after Texas and probably on Japan, if I remember this correctly… and that happens to this day… again another indicator the stenosis was full blown by the time I hit the military and they said it was all in my head… well by golly they were right… brain and spinal cord injury and they called themselves doctors???

Military and VA docs… not this kid… I plan to out live my kids an with those taking care of me, never gonna happen….

I was just outside, while the stenosis in my spine worked its heat up my neck and the sun come out of the clouds and hit me… It felt like 100 degrees, but it wasn’t…

So this lifestyle of no exposure to heat or sun, going to make life interesting…

I’m hoping the exercise to make things better, will give me back some of that outdoor time… right now… not happening and living on Hawaii and not able to go to the state or other parks and do what we like… yep, home is prison and bangers are the enemy….

Which, if you are curious, asshole went by a banging all he’s worth, alarm goes off and when the dude gets to the end of Makuu, you can still hear him above the ocean… an someone down that way, saw the license plate an called the cops… he came back by, quite as a mouse…

New alarm arrives this week and it’s much louder… much louder… between us and the neighbor up the road… we are shutting down the bangers and buying us some good time on Hawaii the way it should be… safe and nice…


Adorable Spite…

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