I made them drop in shame…..

Tonight will be one for writes tomorrow…

When sitting with Don, months before he died… he stated…. “I wasn’t that hard on you kids”…..

The look on my face said it all, no words no sound escaped my lips an it happened….

As if in slow motion, the man, six foot four in his recliner slumped forward an dropped his head in shame…. he couldn’t own his life in that moment…..

Upon Fredas return to the house I left… an was not asked to sit with Don again… the once tall man was nothing more than a small bully….

The story has relevance… as I stood in that same house in the kitchen 2010 an told Freda I was missing memory…. all she could do…

Turn in that old wood kitchen chair towards that manicured yard of hers an drop her head an says…. “Some things are best not remembered”….

Two humans who know their god, because they are the gods that became small humans that were and are nothing more than bullies…

Religion is the deep state in America… Stop the cycle of violence for religion an take democracy an America back from the mentally ill religions….

Adorable Spite leading Margie on an adventure tonight….

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