Eureka, Oregon was a MRI!!!

I have been trying to figure this out, since El Paso VA nearly killed me… what did the Oregon VA do???

It was a “Contrast MRI of the BRAIN”!!!!!!!!!!!!

It too was negative and this is beyond huge….

The MRI they did here on Hawaii in 2017, was for seizures, so they were looking for blood flow issues, and that is when they found the TBI and stroke (blood stain) on the brain… a regular MRI of the brain is just that, tissue… it wouldn’t show the TBI an stroke…

So the VA, in 2000 or 1999, we aren’t sure of the year, but this I am sure of…..

It’s results match Friday’s results…. this is so huge… as I try an get my eyes to focus… today is one of those days, were you see and then you don’t… good thing dinner is deep fryer…an timed….

All this means… Texas, it goes back to Texas….

So 2 MRI’s of the brain 20 years apart and not one sign of aging diseases and when your parents have dementia… you do wonder…

Anyhow, the date on that Oregon MRI isn’t important… it’s remembering that it was a contrast MRI is… and it’s results, mirror Friday’s test… no more MRI’s, we are done with the tube of torture….

Yippee… It feels like the more the stenosis is under control, the more recall I have and that is a positive aspect to head towards….

Adorable Spite…

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