Birth, Life, Death….

Watching the Alex Trebk Interview and found for his age, he’s learning…

Some of the things he said about treatment, therapy and hope and most of all death, took me back to when I was 14 years old and had to make a choice….

I had seen death twice at the hands of my birth family and that moment on Japan, I almost saw it again, but the damage was complete and no turning back… but to live, I would have to give up an ability or take my own life…

It wasn’t fear that made me chose, it was survival and like Alex I made a choice 50 years before Alex realized his…

You would have to watch the interview to understand, unless you too have seen the darkness of death and heard it’s silence…

At one time I used to think mystical and realized, no, we are the evolution of our planet… no rhyme or reason why we are here, we are just lucky enough to be alive and have a brain that can do great things and truly horrible things, to each other and ourselves….

So many say I’m cold, because the door to so many has been closed… I only had once choice to make, allow abuse or stop it… I chose stopping it, from every source, but they try, they make remarks in the background of video or in writing… but they try… an how sad that relationship destroyed because you don’t respect yourself, so disrespect me or us….

No, I believe we are born into humanity and when the brain starts to learn, the teachers are the teachers or controllers… individuality stolen by other’s fears….

I get it, I get the brain candy… but I also get it’s evil and it’s destruction….

No Alex is seeing life for what it is… if it’s worth fighting for, you will fight for it…

So, 52 years ago in just a few months I made that choice and because I gave up that ability….

I live today…..

Waiting on the fax… I was the last MRI for the day, so, report may be getting done this morning… give it till lunch and give them a call….


Adorable Spite, remembering Margie….

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