Taking the power back….

Ever research religion??? I mean really dig deep and find the facts and not the stuff people just write about, but can’t provide proof??? Like the bible???

I watch a lot of Nat geo and other educational based programming… and when I have eyes that let me, I read anything I can get my hands on… and that’s when I came across a paper about the African laws and how Moses and soldier, stole them to use for his new con… and from that the Jews picked up the religion they were making up as they go and Rome comes along… well Rome ran out of juice, but not converts…. and from that came everything under the sun… no I’m not naming all the made up names they use… they are devoid of one word…. Humanity….

Like I said about ancestry, I traced ours back to 180 AD or close to that date, give or take a decade… and my DNA says, we are the yahoos who did this to the world of white people who in turn, did it to every color and nation… sorry about that… I got the DNA… not the religion….

So no I’m not interested in taking the power back from the yahoos who are destroying democracy… the way Chinas ambassador talked, it wasn’t a communist party, it has become a Chinese Religious party and that should scare every one… Russia is trying it… N. Korea did it… who’s next??? America????

What I see coming, makes the stand look to much like eye candy….

No the economy is going to be rough, no psychic there… Having a roof and food is going to be the next struggle and keeping the evangelical psychos from buying any more Roe verus Wade, will be a never ending battle with the mentally ill and that is in text books about religion and psychology…

Watching all this go down in the world and the parallel between it and my life is very striking…. I know where my own personal world is headed… I’m not to sure about the nation I live in……

We are a people who have choices to make in life… but when those choices are devoid of humanity…. it is you that is the problem…. Without humanity… there can be no humans… as the black lives matter platform says, you can’t say all lives matter until black lives matter… well the same goes for humanity…. and religion has never included humanity…. it has done all it can to control it…..

Going to be a long summer, until November… our Democracy was built on the backs of black, white, brown, yellow, native, Irish, German, French, and so many more… yet those lives have no value, because of a god that doesn’t exist… mass hysteria… read about it… now I’m watching it…

Have a nice day….


Adorable Spite…. Trumps voodoo has no worth without truth….

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