Is there such a thing as loyalty???

My, that is a question… religion expects it, but doesn’t deliver it… so none there…

Military expects it and abuses it, 3 murders of Army personnel in how many months??? My rape wasn’t by accident… it was by design of men in control…

As for family… family is a tradition that was born out of need at first and now, it’s give birth, raise them till they know everything an bye bye birdie….

Spouses or partners… hmmm… sexual attraction never made for a great relationship, but it didn’t hurt it either… but to stay loyal to one person… 26 years an counting… he has my back, I have his… but is that loyalty or more… I will go, with more…

When we lived near my family and I would make comments, I would hear “M” he’s your father!!! I would laugh an go, so…. religion turns the family dynamic into a make believe unrealistic reality…

I’m related to the Duggers… yep, they be cousins… 2nd or 3rd, but they, with their religion isn’t free of the stigma of loyalty….

So is there such a thing as loyalty, or is it bought with the silence of religion, military duty to cover up, families that do the worse to each other and expect loyalty….

Nope, but that sure sounds a lot like Trump, the evangelicals and the GOP….

We voted in our primary this weekend… Please use your voice, be it for your cult called religion or for the democracy that you decided America was worth living in… get out and vote… be heard…


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