I give to the left…

Per the PT kid… I give in to my left, by compensating with my right…

When he was working the massage thing for my stenosis and nerve stuff, he commented on how tight something was compared to the right and I simply said… because of the stroke??? and he said… Yes…

I wrote that when I was at basic training, we had to pass the obstacle course and I struggle, boy did I struggle… but keep in mind… I had my appendix taken out at 6 months pregnancy and went into the Air Force 2 months after the birth of my son… an most men wash out, because they believe they can’t do it… I did the opposite… I intended to pass… and I did, by the skin of my teeth on that water jump an I used my left side for support and that was my first memory of issues with my left side… I joined the Air Force 10 years to the day, when my parents killed me in Texas…. not bad huh…

So anyhow… I knew I was compensating for my left and had my whole life and that is when the aha hit a moment ago… that is why they guys expect to see something on the MRI…. an my heart sank just a little….

I won’t know till tomorrow… but, always that little word man made up… but tomorrow could hold an answer I didn’t expect….

Remember my front page, the poem about hope….

Hope is my religion… it’s the one thing no one can take from me…. so I have hope, tomorrow won’t show, what it should, but what I Hope it will show….

Margie, I remember…..

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