She threw Peg under the bus??? an Internet is still under attack…

Lets get the internet out of the way, when you see texts, messages or posts, get put out in duplicate… someone is trying to reroute the VPN or hack into what ever site you are on… Don’t believe me, well I predicted the attack recently, months believe what you think you know…..

As for throwing Peg under the bus…. yesterday…. I was so excited when it happened in the MRI tube and they had to pull me out… it was beyond Eureka… it was confirmation on the person who orchestrated all of it…. Freda….

Getting the email yesterday was a shock… I know this woman real well… Watched her in action for 66 years… and I guarantee, none of the other yahoos have a true clue… they see what they want to see and they hear what they want to hear… sounds like evangelicals and Trump supporters… or god lovers…

The email was to letter perfect… so who ever wrote it, was hoping I would respond to see if the email was valid… no response then or ever…. that is a promise I can keep….

So why was yesterday such a cluster fuck with the MRI…. FREDA!!!!!!!

I told myself, when I took the 1 pill, I had plenty to think about in that tube…. and the noise hit and the tightness in my throat and inability to make saliva and not being able to see anything but a white head covering… and I thought of Freda and it hit… Panic attack!!!! EUREKA!!!!!

So they get me out, the kids, were great, they said, you got here early, we got time, but it will take a couple extra minutes to set up again… so we talked and they explained what they were looking for and showed me my neck… all the vertebrae nicely in line… from that angle… I took some deep breaths and said… to myself… think of anything but Freda…. and we got through the last 10 minutes of that tube…. so hope this was my last one… so hope…

So why did Freda trigger a panic attack…??????

Easy… she was the abuser… Not my sister, not my brother…. Freda…. she threw her kids under the bus, to take the blame off herself… responsibility is not something she has much knowledge of…. I’ve saved lives, her… she does all she can to snuff them out… sounds like Trump and all christians…

So when I thought of Freda, to occupy my time in the tube… I got my answer about closed in spaces….

No moral, no insight… just more confirmation that Freda was the bully and string puller and still is… ironic, she taught my half sister how to be that way… and they can have each other… both women fake christians and both women, you can never trust…..

Sure explains why I ever made so few women friends and the last 18 months has shaved that number down to less than 5….. they closed the door… I’m just keeping the key…. I know many, I count few….

So yesterday was a wakeup call and I slept like a baby, because my back and neck are killing me… wrong position… so mile walk done, took my big camera and can carry it on my shoulder, so, if not to hot, I’ll be out with hubby, getting pictures of bangers...

As for the next step in this journey…. The fact I had zero nightmares speaks volumes… because my aha moment on the true abuser…. was in the MRI tube… Don got on board after a while, but in the beginning… it was a woman who had an agenda, she just didn’t bother to see if we were all on board, and when she didn’t get what she wanted, she attacks… I have an email from Nov 2017, when I called her out… and that email… isn’t pretty… but it showed her true colors….

Well, it’s hot already and I need to do my strap exercises outside, before my body says no to the humidity and heat… as the heat in my head starts.. yep, neck in wrong place… I’m getting it… as I push my body back… ugh… this is hard…

Have a great day… ours, hot, humid and so far quiet….

Adorable Spite…. taking a break from Trumps voodoo… to smelly…

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