Right, Left, Up, Down…. hmmm…

If you have any psychology knowledge, like schooling and you read my blog… aren’t you curious??? Just a little??? and What should you be curious about????

Well I predicted people would reach out to me… not for any reason, other than their own agenda… these two people used to send me chrismtas cards… yes some of us do that an don’t cheat with electronic bull shit… but when things went down in 2017/18…. that all changed between me and these people…

So, do I look up, down, right or left… or do I just keep on going….???? What would you do and do you have a clue why the question….???

I just laughed out loud… I can see someone interpreting this wrong… NO… I AM NOT PSYCHIC… no one really is, only those getting paid to play one…

It goes back to being born self aware, with a high IQ, which means what I got no clue… but it also goes back to, the only way for me to survive, even as a toddler… I had to constantly watch my back… and when I forgot… well, we all know those results and injuries….

If I was a psychology major… I would want to do a paper on me… true story… so much I have not revealed… that may all change come Monday…

No fax today, so, the fax machine is camped out in the office ready for Monday…

I have no clue why either woman reached out… just that, they closed the door and I have no desire to use the key… my life is extremely good without them in it…

Monday will dictate the next step… start the book for it’s first full run or keep plodding along, because more is needed to be known… Yea, Monday will feel like a birthday and that’s ironic… that’s not far off for this ole girl to see 66 officially….. my exercise ball just knows it’s a over 60 ass it throws off…

Coast guard plane flew over less than 1,000 feet above us 3 hours ago… we are only a mile from the cliffs… when I stepped outside, they were still looking for who ever is in the ocean… so many don’t respect the earth and she isn’t all to happy with us humans….

Got a feeling a lot of thoughts and emotions may pass between now and Monday… but then again… nothing may happen, except a good stoner weekend….


Adorable Spite….

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