Dust in the Wind…

Love that music, some of the few I enjoy…they payed Hotel California while I was in the tube yesterday… happy music… and you can understand the lyrics…

Today… wow, rainy, cloudy, muggy and sometimes a little sunshine to remind you it’s hot… bangers… not to much, the bad boy went by with it subdued… so we will see, the next siren alarm arrives Monday and hubby promised to have it up before Wednesday… yep, I’m smiling… toothless, but smiling… evil type…

Ya know, with PTSD, it’s not straight forward… it impacts each human or animal in it’s own unique way, because in reality, we are all uniquely individuals… except idol worshipers…

I’ve tried all day to focus on any good memory I may have of my mother… any… just one… out of 66 years, I can’t pick one out of all the memories I have… can I do it with dad???

Sadly no… what the PT kid asked about any good memories… if he was reaching for the family dynamic, there were and are none… not even in the last couple of decades…

I try so hard to focus and bring the good up and all I see, the machinations of people trying to keep secrets that were never secret and violated the very thing they believe… their god and bibles… so as I shrug my shoulders… what do you do????

MRI results Monday… will that put anything to rest??? Will it give me any answers???

A neurologist and PT specialist think yes… I’m wanting it to be the opposite, but doubt, this time I will get my wish…

I got all my other wish’s….

Trump is going down the drain and taking evangelicals with him….

GOP is going down the drain and Trump is taking them with him….

Those that closed the door are trying to open it without the key….

I told you so….

Will it be different after I read the report Monday… or will I tell myself….

I told you so???

Adorable Spite…. hoping for humanity’s sake, people get off the bandwagon and smell the coffee….

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