Anger leaves, when you are ready to let it go…..

I often wondered over the decades, when the anger that filled me, would leave… I knew that anger came from beyond the grave, because I visited that grave and I knew that the anger wanted answers and some, may never be answered…

So I took that anger and I fought… I fought them, I fought the military, I fought the VA and one day the fight stopped….

Nov 5, 2017… a young man kills 26 innocents in Sutherland Springs, Texas….

Texas… Springs… Airman…. DEATH…. November 7, 2017 I told hubby I needed to talk about something I never had… Texas and the night Margie died…

Before Margie died… oh my goodness, she was a giggler and one day that giggle was taken away… she was only 2 years old… the giggle silenced, the tongue not… and she would learn… that tongue would cost her, when truth crossed her lips…. she was only 5 years old… playing an being kids, innocent behavior construed by a christian as evil and the child paid… she was only 8 years old… the 5 year old and 8 year old are the pictures on my front page… a constant reminder of who did this to me….

Vietnam was happening, dad on his way an a family I babysat for at 12 years old ask me to go with to the next base to help with the little kids… and the folks, thinking they know people, let me… I was 12 when that SSgt raped me and I ended up with Interstatial cytitis… IC… google it…

Back home and now in Louisiana and dad in vietnam… another man thinks he has a right to touch me… Freda, having an affair and starts having panic attacks she was pregnant… Don is brought home and off to Texas… I just turned 13 and never had a birthday from that point on until 16…

13 years old would leave me with a stroke on the brain and traumatic brain injury and another injury to my spinal cord… remember shaken baby… how many attacks can you count, an each one, injured the spinal cord…

Time lost and I wake to Freda freaking over the woman I never heard of, her mother’s death…they ship us off to Japan and daddy says, we can’t celebrate your birthday, I’ll have something waiting for you when you get to Japan… an it was… I pissed off the bitches and I was only 14 and another injury to the spinal cord an a stroke…

16 saw us living on Johnson AFB Japan and I have no memory of the move… but the birthday I do… Freda bought for me, everything I hated… she ended up wearing the clothes…. that was my last birthday celebrated that I have memory of… 1…. at 16…..

By the time 1970 rolls around we are in a hotel at Kadena AFB, off base, during riots… a few months later we are living on Naha AFB and I get one last love tap to the head at 17…. an this time they are told, touch me ever again an you will die… and left the house….

So for Freda to reach out to me, has no basis in love, caring, maternal instincts…. nothing….

For Freda to reach out to me, she did what I wrote in my blog… they only do it when they want something….

Good luck with that anymore… not even my kids are that stupid, but you never know….

Interesting write, huh???


Adorable Spite… Trumps voodoo is all over the golf course and not honoring anyone but his sorry white pasty ass… ewww on that man’s touch….

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