Twilight zone of stupid GOP governors….

You voted the yahoos into office….. So don’t whine to us because they are doing what Trumpie wants… Now California its a hodge podge of humanity…. my kids are native California, but they ain’t any smarter than the yahoos living there….

Read the link or not… frankly, we expect death in our own family from COVID because, honest, you can’t fix stupid an being smart they are not… nope they are acting like republicans an christians…..

Never did a funeral via internet, but our traveling to bury your stupid ass isn’t happening….

No bangers after the alarm went off for a couple minutes when bangers tried…. an I was ready to trigger it during the night… no bangers this morning…. new alarm arrives Monday an it will be operational by Wednesday…..should be fun….

So much for aloha, its con is as big as christians con….


Adorable Spite….Trumps voodoo is failing like christians voodoo, both snake oil cons….

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