Slowing down to save a life…

I get a kick out of the PT kid… he says to me, slow down, be more gentle with that, yada, yada, yawn… and he is right and the more stuff I do to strengthen my wrists and hands, the more I can do in a controlled movement…

More than once I was accused of to aggressive, when in reality, I was trying to control my movement and had trouble sometimes… people see what they want to see and I let them… I knew and that was all that was important…

So this morning chew on hubby, resulted in him doing the reading of what I have been telling him for the last couple of months… slow down more, the heart is struggling…

I mean the man knows… I caught, I think it’s 4 skin cancers and I caught the heart failure… I don’t have to prove my ability to him… he just doesn’t like the fact, this is taking from him in a way, he’s not used too… I’ve lived my whole life with mine… his started in 2014 with the heart failure… so I’ve had a lot longer to adjust to a restrictive life… do what I can, try, fail and move on… he’s learning…

The other men I told similar things to, had their own demons… one didn’t want to get off his ass and most of all, he couldn’t face reality, I called him dad…. another was an ex husband, another was 3 close friends… none wanted to hear, they needed to get help… an I learned the phrase, you can’t fix stupid… because life isn’t stupid… but humans are…. an stubborn…

Well hubby wants to live or he wouldn’t do what I asked, read the medical information and heed the advice… we both have no choice… mine was taken from me by christians and his was taken from him by the choices he made in life, before we met…. both of us working to outliving our kids… why???

Why not???


Adorable Spite… watching Trumps voodoo spiral out of the realm of reality….

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