No, it wasn’t god… holy crap on a cracker…. wow!!!

Well, blow me down, knock me over… kiss my ass, and “F” you all in one, when I sat down for a break an on my Ipad and email from my mother???!!!! Are you frigging kidding me???????????

Surprisingly, I’m not shaking, my heart isn’t racing off the chart and her email, says by the grace of god, your email popped up and yada yada yawn as the viper goes for the kill……

Maybe dementia??? I did write that I thought she had “Frontal Dementia”… not many are aware of it, but it was in the news before the pandemic… that kind of shut everything down….

But…. oh my goodness that man made word…. BUT!!!!!!

I deleted the email… I have zero desire to have contact with the woman who did all that I live with daily… I didn’t think she read the blog, not that net savy… but, that one glorious word but…

My reaction is what I’m rolling around in… I’m free… I’m free of the Bagwells and all their sickness… I’m free at last… no pull on my emotions, no pull on my intelligence, no pull on me as a person….

Margie is free….

Adorable Spite… MRI today… oh boy… now my tummy is rolling, I hate those tubes!!!!

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