Margie is free at last….

By the time hubby got back from his walk with the pups… I had done a blog and gone outside and did 95 reps on the strap equipment and as I finish, here comes hubby… so I tell him… we let the news digest…

A few minutes ago, I gave him a scenario that made his eyes grow very wide in shock… and he smiled… he got it…. now what did he get…

It wasn’t the email that got my heart racing or my brain jumping for joy or Margie doing cartwheels in my brain… it was realization….

This part of the journey is over… now I have no clue why 2 women who did all they could to dump on me reach out to me a few weeks apart… my speculative brain is running the course of all probabilities… an in reality, it has only value to them… why??? Because I said this would happen… it’s in the blog, someplace… don’t look at me to go backwards… on reading this mess….

So my speculative nature will play the course and it will go through all it goes through until it’s Akam’s razor an I know I spelled that wrong… but when all other probabilities are eliminated, only the obvious remains…. it really is about paying attention and having memory ability like mine…

What you need to understand as a reader… When this mess all started… back in 2010 in Freda’s kitchen… she was given the opportunity to own it and instead told me… “Some things are best forgotten”….. an turned her back on us as we drove away… no… Freda made her bed and I sleep in the one that cost me more than a half a years mortgage… because of her…

I say it often… It’s not up to me to forgive my mother or my sons or my friends or family or adopted family… they closed the doors in various ways…

I simply removed the key, once it closed….

They have to forgive themselves an grow in life… I have no desire to see or talk to my mother ever again… she took and knew what she was doing… her old age, can not cover up the crime she did at 22 years old…

One thing about today… that MRI, I will have lots to review in my brain as that hum is going off… got a feeling this morning’s surprise, will get the attention it deserves….

Maybe I am old school and respect is important to me, because religion tries so hard to disrespect us humans, to make us into the fears of that religion… no… today… just showed me… want to be a part of my world….

Earn the right….

Margie is free at last….

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