Heart failure from ignorance???

Ya know, I get so frustrated with people… I’ve told a half a dozen men, to change their ways or be 6 feet under… well, I’m making your life entertaining… those men are 6 feet under…. so what do you do, when you tell someone they are dying and they need to do certain things to live and they blow you off…??? Personally, I would divorce his ass… enough with stupid…

Well I have one of those men and fortunately he listened to me… When he got off the plane in 2014 after burying his dad, he had visited the ER in Tonasket and the doctor missed it… Hubby was in heart failure…

Within a few weeks of him being home, I had the doctors running every test and we found he had 100% blockage in his primary vein to his heart and the other 2 veins were 75% blocked… He was dying in front of me… and our lives changed in that instant… this was 2014 October…. by March 2015, he underwent a triple bypass and the surgeon was honest with me… there is nothing more we can do, other than transplant… treat the heart well….

Well hubby was out digging fence post holes 90 days after his surgery… tell ya the kind of men I like??? and I watched… and the doctors watched… an by 2016 he was dying, still going like he was young, but in heart failure… his heart was only pumping at 36% of what normal is around 55%….

So we move to Hawaii, because this is the place he wants to die… and something happens… with the lower left lobe of his heart dead… his heart still rebounds and he is pumping in the 40%+ range…. but still in heart failure, just not immediate…

The one thing about heart failure…. the sweats… when we moved to Arkansas, it was based on the observation of Don, while eating, and he exhibited heart failure symptoms… oh geez, it’s nice to have my brain back…. that was 2003, he died in 2006…..

Hubby is no different, he exhibits those same symptoms my dad did and I know, every day he wakes up is another memory to make…. but sometimes I want to kick his ass to the moon!!!!!

He is sweating when doing minor things… if I was hot, it would be different, but he is producing sweat in minor efforts… this tells me his body is having more trouble cooling it’s self down and the anti inflammatory stuff, isn’t enough and we need to be more mindful of this symptom… so after chewing his ass, because he said but…. one to many times!!! People don’t get it… I have a gift and hubby knows this… so he shut up and agreed to take the extra steps to help his body cool down, so the heart wouldn’ t be so stressed….

This is beyond ridiculous… I should be focusing on what I need to do, to get to the end of this nightmare Don & Freda thought I should live…. and dumb ass argues with me!!!!! Talk about STUPID!!!!!

Okay, enough rant… hubby knows, If I am warning him about his life… he should listen… he watched as I told 6 other men, we both knew, not listen… they started dying in 2006…. the last one died 2 years ago…. all deaths could have been prevented….

Just a FYI, hubby gets better health care than me… and the ER doctor in Tonasket in May 2014 missed his heart failure….

I’m just a dental tech from the Air Force with a brain that christians have tried to destroy since it’s birth…. and more than 1 man is alive today, because of me….

Margie…. you can’t fix stupid…but I can save it!!!

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