Brain MRI done…

I never want to go into one of those tubes ever again!!! EVER!!!! I hate the sound, the confined space and most of all, the confinement… but it’s done… the last MRI is done….

So far we have done a blood study MRI, which showed traumatic brain injury and stroke (blood stain on the brain)… The MRA didn’t show any infarct in that area of the scan, which was specific… the last MRI in Dec was for my neck and showed it was herniated and I had cervical stenosis… no news on that front…

Today’s MRI, was a full picture of the brain… any issues, any infarcts, any lesions, any thing… should show up on this MRI and make it the last MRI ever…. and those pills are kicking in… had to take both… ugh….

Now it’s wait for a fax to come in with the radiological report…. and tell yea or nay on findings….

Got a feeling bed will be early, since this drug will stay in the body for about 8 hours and bed may call my ass to it real early….

Now it is hurry up and wait…

Adorable Spite, waiting on the last piece of the puzzle….

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