If the Truth Hurts???

When I started writing this, I had no idea it would evolve the way it has and I got to hand it to Word Press, I get attention, and I’m not trying… truly, I’m not… but I was just watching Mary Trumps interview and what she said, I jumped for joy in my chair… she backs what I have said in this blog…

If the truth hurts those that it is about, then maybe you should take a long look at your actions… I’m not going to forgive you, that isn’t my place… My place is to deny you entry into my world that you took such delight in tormenting or disrespecting or abusing….

So if the truth hurts… don’t look in the mirror… just keep living the life you are living… at some point this blog will stop… that decision is made, just when, not if…

My privacy is paramount to me and those who I have contact with are respecting that… unlisted phone numbers will always be the norm and watching my back through many means, will also be on the table…

To come back into my world…

You have to own yours….

Margie, I remember….. every little thing you did…. I know what I see in the mirror, do you???

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