The Past has caught up with the Present….

Watching the news… geez, today, that is all the TV has been on except a couple hours of a science show about Egypt…. an just now they talk about all the southern states I was beaten in and died in, fighting for survival after following Trumps advice… nope, not gonna say it… aw screw it… you can’t fix stupid…. an Trumps voodoo is no different than Romes religion or Israel’s religion or Mecca’s religion… a con is a con and voodoo is just that… nonsense…. but they use it to fear and manipulate… oh well….

The reason for the confab…. I was a thinking about my birth family and as the news melted into the background as noise for the memory to play out against… it dawned on me… the past has caught up with the present….

When I was organizing I came across the folder, some of us still use paper folders and paper… an in that folder, were the emails from the fall of 2017 and the start of winter in 2018… an those emails were for help, to get money back and to shut down my blog…. neither of which happened… the money wasn’t gotten back, lil bro spent my inheritance and the blog stopping, ya know… right now… not happening….

An I start to think of all the things I have remembered since Nov 7, 2017…. and just wow… my head should hurt from all the info in those gray cells, but they just be happy to be working again… and that is a true story….

The MRI in a couple days… is my last scan of the brain, unless they find something else, other than what we know… TBI, stroke and blood stain on the brain… and the last MRI showed cervical stenosis in my neck, the back has had it a long long long time… its just getting ugly, finally…

But the memory that played out, in such a few short seconds… showed me so much of what the family was really like and who was in charge and who helped with the abuse… it’s sad, but they are so afraid to own what they did to me, they are willing to go to their grave, swearing they are children of god… cowards to the very end, like Don Bagwell was… an from what I heard, all the men of that family were just as bad…

One more trip out and we are done till next week… so we are moving the last shed… property is looking so nice and inside, we are organized and ready for what comes next… for me… I’m hoping it’s a clean MRI, but my instincts are telling me go smoke a bowl, because you know they are going to find something….

I remember… Margie….

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