Knead the dough or it won’t rise….

Last night, anything but restful… so the cameras are on constant recording…. and it just means, putting my phone by the bed, so I can look at the time, when they do what they did last night… oh, you betcha… hubby slept right through that… now you know who got up with grandkids when we babysat… wasn’t him, that’s for damn sure…

We aren’t sure what is happening across from us, we think it might be harmless, but even the cop was shocked, when we told him the guy had repeated breakins and he looks around at our property an looks across the way, an he got that look, something don’t add up and it doesn’t… but it could be harmless … but I doubt it for one very good reason….

Choco our big boy, has growled at the man, since we moved here 4 years ago an we had to keep the dog out, when we hired the guy to do work… so yep, something about him isn’t kosher and his own dog reacted, as if abused… so… may look innocent, but doubtful… even my spidey senses are that way with the dude… zero trust…

Anyhow, they, who ever, decided, peeling tires and reving engines at the end of our driveway was I guess suppose to send a message… well it was received and the cameras are recording 24/7 and the cops have access to our Ring devices… so, tongue stuck out to you jerk… oh an that alarm accidentally went off at 5AM… ooooops….

Pissing contest is something I’ve never lost… I grew up in a house of horrors, nothing these yahoos throw at me intimidate this ole woman… I intend to turn that table around on a couple of people…. as for bangers, one went by at 5:30AM and you could hear me on the RING device in the recording, letting them know they aren’t welcomed in our home and no they weren’t blasting, but to hear noise in my house before 7AM from the road… not happening… we are going by the law, so they heard me tell them to stay the fuck out of my house… yep, this ole granma has a mouth worse than a sailors… and for good reason… christians taught me…..

So no dreams last night, just exhaustion and broken sleep… one thing about them working my neck and stimulating all those nerves, yada, yada, mind blown… the fog, only lasted till bed time and this morning no fog… so like the kids are telling me, it’s going to take time, to reverse what I’ve done to compensate for all my injuries… an they didn’t miss any part of my body, so that covers a lot of area…. but, in the end, the PT will be something I pursue yearly… does help, it hurts, but it helps…

Hubby off to town for his busy morning, mine was yesterday…. still have the MRI to do… about 45 minutes in that tube, with that thing right on my face… wonder if I get to take the mask off while they do it… hope to get the results this week…. and hope nothing is on the MRI… but my hopes have been dashed before, more than once… just part of life…. pick yourself up and keep pushing onward….

Already closed up the house, no trade winds, humid and already feeling sticky outside, so today, will be fairly quiet, closed up… slowly getting more organized an ready, in case they do the surgeries… or surgery… still no clue if they are going all at once or stages… I’m the patient and obviously the VA and doctors know… but not me… IF it was VA operating on me, I would raise 7 kinds of hell, but it’s civilian and these two dudes, I trust a little, surgeon is my fear, this is close to my sinus… so this is scary to have surgery near it… first time in over 40 years no sinus infection in over 6 months… that’s because all that crap was removed from near my sinus… so yep, I be nervous…

Worked on Ancestry and found we had family on the Mayflower and other boats… Faunce… was his name… we are his descendants, funny how that works… between the women line and men lines… you have more family than you can imagine and thanks to the pandemic… we will see a gap in births in those trees… people are so ignorant of what is happening… gods, superstitions and poor leadership, snake oil, destroys more lives and causes more wars than just telling each other we all matter, no matter the color, sex or build… but that will never be, with white pasty men pushing man made gods and snake oil… yep, you can’t fix stupid and I’m over trying…

Well day started, lots for me to do with hubby in town… have a great day, wash hands, wear masks and social distance inside and out…. herd immunity isn’t going to do us any good, that went the way of dino in February thanks to Trump and his christian base… stay safe peeps…

Adorable Spite, squishing in Trumps voodoo, ewwwwwwww….

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