Are you switching off???

When the pandemic started, an we, according to my blog, did a big shop in February, so I was already doing the prepper thing… but was I switching off??? Was I shutting down, because of here we go again, get ready and nothing happens or was this different…??? This was different…

After the MRI in Dec 2019, and it takes me a while to research and learn and understand and take out what doesn’t apply to me… an that took till the last few weeks… that, an help from physical therapy…. always helps to have a clear brain and I know fog intimately…..

When all the hubaloo started, I felt apprehensive… by the time July got here… I knew that emotions were no longer in control, most of the time… not all the time… I’m not going to blame it on being a woman, I blame it on hormone replacement therapy for perfectly good organs and levothyroxine, the drug from hell….

Take the stenosis and get it under control, eliminate man made hormones, they still trying to control us ladies… they, the men make these drugs and tell us, we can’t live without them… UH… DUDES!!! You were so wrong… but all men like Trump are rarely right… they just have the money and power… I’m just telling the assholes, NO… NO, to their drugs and NO, to their raping gods…. okay, enough bashing…

Are you switching off??? we start to either walk the walk and show we are good, this isn’t getting us down, this isn’t impacting our lives….. and reality hits… a friend gets it, the virus, a loved one gets it… the virus… all of a sudden you are it….. Tag….

The yahoos that say “NO MASKS”… are the children that never got past the 2 year old stage and are afraid of life and all it offers and they are usually the worse of humanity… those closets are bulging under the weight of their unforgiven sins… got to have a god to be forgiven… an that ain’t happening…

So I ask again, are you switching off, or are you doing all you can to protect your family, your friends, your neighbors and the strangers from Tim Buck Two??? Are you switching off or are you in this like the rest…

Switching on????

Just a thought… happens when it’s quiet and no noise… AC is on… Toddles…

Adorable Spite….

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