Senator you tell those bigot republicans…. ooops edited….

Our senator, sweet lady an just as blunt as me an we likes her, so Mazy, you go girl, we have your back….

Spent last night going through contacts an deleted all those contacts I haven’t heard from in more than a year… including mommy dearest, Sons, an sister…. I will pass on what you call “relationship”….

Today a busy busy day, an the whole week is like that…. No banger at late night or early morning …. Maybe all those cop cars cruising the hood yesterday got the message out, I am beyond fed up, this is war Margie style…. Siren gets here the 20th… with remote an one remote goes by my side of the bed….giggles…..

Our neighbors across were busy last night, triggered our security light off an on from midnight until I gave up at 4AM….

Pandemic, well new normal, we are not going to see family or anyone for a few years an after eliminating info in my contacts that list just got smaller… they eliminated me when I said no, I eliminated them for being full blown assholes…. just that easy to clean house…. still gagging over Debbie reaching out, not my definition of friendship what she did… I will pass on future contact, she made her bed, she can have it with the bed bugs….

Rain, humid, warm, typical Hawaii weather…. an every ride that goes by is quiet… weird😈😂…

Won’t have time till late to write again… No dreams last night, too much noise from neighbors… Maybe tonight will be quiet, if not, well, I still have the RING siren an if assholes squatting want to make noise, that damn thing is going off in the dead of night… (its not loud, but it will get your attention, if it’s quiet😂)….

Not really listening to news, its all repeat… Trump is a liar, thief an cheat an his base are white supremacy peeps who are so afraid to open those closets, they just are not worth our time or effort, we out number the KKK an its evangelicals…. so get out an vote an in time those white crappers will slink away, permanently… hope springs eternal….

Have a great day, ours is wet an humid… what ya expect snow???

Adorable Spite watching Trumps voodoo in action….

contacts eliminated were email, I still got to figure out how to do phone an Ipad… told ya, I really don’t like tech anymore…. so hubby will look when he has time… lol he out teched me…

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