Translation… ooops, I own it… uh oh….

Ho’ onui… from one of the places I just looked, it means you got the herpes and you be the worse and yada yada oooops…

the other definition is “Bully”…. so which one is right????

Well, I don’t know… when the cops were here I told the guy what I was saying when thanking them for the noise, Mahalo Ho’ onui…. and I must have hit every inflection on those words, because the dude winced… yep, he grimaced, like I was medusa… yep, that’s the poor guys expression and of course I had to act like I knew for sure what I was saying, but after his look… I wasn’t too sure anymore… oh dear…

So, now what… uh, quick hide and it will all go poof……. oh snap, that didn’t work… well, there is no hiding, but after the poor cops expression, lets just say… no more comments from the peanut gallery as they bang by…

We know the drill… license plates and vehicle description and they get told the law and if they keep avoiding that responsibility… we’ll let the law call them names… lesson learned…

Told you I had a talent for languages… boy can I mix up Italian and Japanese….

Chow Sayonara….

Adorable Spite…

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