Putting water on the fire… Pele out…

Oh well, after over four years living here, we will become the enemy, because we called the cops… but after four years of abuse… Aloha con is over in our household….

Cops were here and they drove some of the area… since we haven’t any clue where they are going or coming from, just like in other states… it’s all about, me getting out and walking in the morning and afternoon and take pictures… hubby with two dogs can’t, I can an control one dog… so, yep, I’m out walking in this heat and not thrilled, but it doesn’t take long to get the pics and license plates… usually a few months of me out for both walks, is about all it takes… not my first rodeo with bullies…

Cops informed us about foreclosures here and I kept my mouth shut…did them for USDA and I know the state laws… he just confirmed what I knew… so we are all watching the activity and hope, no one burns anything down… as for engine repair at midnight… as long as no noise, I can put my blind down to block the light when we have clouds, like last night….

3rd state we have had to do this… so racism and bigotry, is alive and well from the southern states of America to the western states of America… all the way to the pacific…. yep, feels just like any other state now… Aloha, just a marketing ploy….

We have no choice but to stay put, pandemic is in charge… and they approved the dental… so we are stuck with rude children in adult bodies who think this senior is afraid???….. oh dear, I just spittled all over my monitor laughing… need to watch that drool in my old age…

No workout today, the elbow is warning me and tomorrow I have PT, it will get it’s workout tomorrow… the elbow is an injury from the TV beating… like the knee on the left, it too doesn’t like pressure…. such nice people to beat up a 5 year old because she spoke the truth… gee that does sound like Trump and his base….

Cops come and gone, copy of the pictures we had, they took and we all know the game… evidence… an I asked about the spotlight flash light and again, he confirmed what I knew about laws… most states are pretty much the same… it is America after all…

Chores to do… hopefully a quiet day and early bed… and no bangers at 1:30AM….


Adorable Spite…. voodoo confuser…

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