Oh My Goodness….

I used to love watching Shirley Temple… that lasted till I was in my 30’s and reality bitch slapped me, by being discharge, while the Air Force covered up rape and attempted murder… yep… reality, she is an old friend…

When we lived in Las Cruces, the noise was just awful, property values were down and the neighborhood showed that… and we bought a property… after about a year of noise… We took matters into our hands and enforced the noise ordinance… Las Cruces, didn’t have the best of cops then and from the news they don’t now… but they found out… don’t fuck with me…

In the end, I had meltdowns, exhaustion and anything you could think of, until the aha moment….. strobe light flash and a spotlight flashlight…

When we left, our property values were up, because we made a profit in 16 and the noise was way down… my girlfriend sold her house within a year of our leaving… things went down hill fast… why??? Cause you got to give a shit and most would rather live with head up gods ass, like Trumps….

Well we have lived here going on 5 years and yesterday was the first tiny melt down, compared to the past… it was tiny and all it did… got me thinking how we ended this nightmare in 2 other states… a cop is sitting on our property on the road… waiting for the banger that has been tormenting us at all hours, like 1:30AM…

So, you fight fire with water and I’m going to drown the men who call themselves men… and teach the children how it’s really done…

Honest, not telling hubby in the middle of the night I’m setting off the alarm… hope that heart medicine is good…. exercise ball revenge…..

Adorable Spite… voodoo hunting the stupid… and grinning the whole time… yep this is going to be fun, they never run into a Margie before….

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