I Had Hope, Until….

That hope went out the window, when woken from a good sound PTSD nightmare sleep, and it hit…. Boom Boom Boom Boom… yea this time they wanted me to get the message… you got to understand, we are in the jungle… we all own acre lots and only about a 1/3 out of thousands of acres is occupied… so, you do what I’m doing, you take your chances with bullies… just one little tiny problem….

Me… lil ole great gran ma me… yep, I giggled… I have so much fun fucking with kids, I kid you not… an anyone 50 years or younger, you are a kid…

But that hope last night… after putting the timeline down in proper sequence… I knew I would dream and I was, until…. Boom Boom Boom…

Well shopping tomorrow an this time I pick out the flood light flash light… I want something more narrow in beam… but a good strong one… color at night is funky, so light is key… and I got a lot of cars to learn over the next couple of weeks out walking every day…. ugh… oh well, just an added exercise to alllllllll the rest!!! oh yea, they started it, I’m just finishing it… Margie’s way… she is a little minx….

What was the nightmare… ??? not sure, I haven’t talked of any subjects that would lead me in any direction… repressed memories are the weirdest thing and they call it PTSD, me, it’s a magic carpet ride of putting puzzles in motion together… geez, know wonder I get sea sick… so much for a pontoon boat…

Oh my gosh it is so quiet, the wind blowing, with a woosh through the trees type sound and a vehicle drives by… I’ll never be able to write here…. ach!!! or whatever emoji thingies expressions… so out of touch with the kids… my daughters music leaves me baffled… honest, no duh… baffled…

Time to go see how bad the world is getting, because of stupid leadership…


Adorable Spite…..

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