Trumps cognitive test, your two year old can pass it…. True Story…

Cognitive testing done for checkups are standard an indicator of possible problems, but in reality, they aren’t any good if the patient isn’t honest, because the test is that easy to cheat… know why???

Have you not read this blog????

How do you think I kept so much hidden an doctors baffled, if you can’t cheat that cognitive test Trump took????

The real cognitive test came when you sit down an spend half hour to an hour answering psych questions that truly gauge your cognitive ability, how do you think I got confirmation about IQ??? El Paso VA Psych eval cognitive testing…. Real testing, not ten questions an physical like Trump did….

So if you watch the attached interview, this is how christians brainwashed with liars, except Trump is one of the worse liars around an the christians an GOP are okay with much for morals, ethics, values, integrity… nope this is 100% about raping an fucking America an Americans, all of us… not just atheist, he is coming after all of us…. you vote is your voice be heard..

Watch the interview an use your brain, for once…or never…

Adorable Spite voodoo hunter of fake christians, which is all of you.. enjoying christians implosion…. actually all religion….

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