Pain in the What???

Vagal neuralgia… pain the external auditory canal can in rare cases be due to vagal neuralgia because of vascular compression of the vagus nerve….. need I type anymore of the definition per my injuries…

If anyone is really reading, why is this significant??? No clue???

I wrote that I left my son’s wedding because of ear pain… I told the doctors in the military about that same ear and ear pain and I had that pain as recent as the doctor I fired 2 years ago…. and you know what… I got the same reaction out of all those doctors from 1977 to 2018…. ignorance…. so over sighs and I let a huge one go… almost spewed my monitor… so over stupidity in medicine….

Symptoms, it all comes back to symptoms and connecting the dots…

Do you have any clue how much whining I heard from kids and gran kids because this hurt or that hurt or they read this an had that???? Do you have any clue, how much that gags someone like me???? Didn’t think so, but, thought I would ask….

Okay that time I spewed… frustration with humans that threw away humanity so they could live off the fruits of others labor….. yep, sounds like Trump and christians to me… their god needs buildings???? True story, look at some of them… and where the so called leaders live… are you living that good..???

What this little confab means, not only was the Superior ganglion of Vagus nerve involved, so was the Inferior ganglion of the Vagus nerve involved… no wonder I had so many issues… and I’m the dumb one??? REALLY???? got a shake of the head on that one… yep, people fell for Trump and gods, they will believe the sky is black 24 hours a day, even in daylight… you can’t fix stupid, and I’m over trying…

The symptoms started extremely young, I have to go with between the age of 1 year old to 2 year old, Freda did the shaken baby thing and the rest as they say is in my body of evidence….


and thanks to the military and government having medical records that backs up my story… oh mommy dearest, you are not anything nice, and neither are your prodigy’s… and guess what you can have each other… we giggled thinking of all 3 of you living in that trailer… Pegs hubby gone, Lil sis loses house… and mommy dearest going bat shit crazy telling her stories that start to let the cat out of the bag about those girls… yep, now that would be justice I could live with….

Adorable Spite…. taking a voodoo break…. do you voodoo???

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