It??? Really doesn’t matter…

What is IT?? Good question, glad you came by an asked… lets talk about IT….

Hubby sitting an reading the Ipad for my blog and I watching Antique road show and it dawned on me, why I am the way I am towards people… all, not just some… All… that includes blood….

IT; is your opinion or any concept you have about me is just that… IT, is your opinion and only has value to who??? You… of course…

IT comes into play when I write, because for me to remember what I write I have to be honest about what I’m writing about… that’s why when you tell a lie… I don’t forget, your brain does… but to me it’s not a lie till you prove it is and that is where the IT becomes an issue, be it children, grandkids, friends…. IT comes out to play…

It is ironic… I have no problem telling you what I think… what do I get in return most the time… less than honest, less than candid and less than the action it’s self…. thinking…

For some reason, an this I don’t understand, but IT, the emotional part of humans plays more a part in your behavior than your intelligence… and that is a dead give away, you blame me directly or indirectly, for what ever you imagined… remember… I never really forgot, the memories just got put to sleep for a while… not anymore…

So IT is nothing more than what you think… how you view my blog, how you think you have a right to judge, how you defend your actions… all emotional and tied to religion….

I rest my case on …..


Adorable Spite… were ya able to follow or did I lose you half way through….??? toodles….

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