Exercise ball, round 2😣

So I get the ball out an hubby sitting in his recliner an I say, don’t let me flip over an he says, laughingly, yea right….

So I set the ball so I can lock my legs under his extended leg of the recliner….

Dogs are excited, circling the wagon so to speak…. I sit on the ball an try to walk it forward as I lean back an all of a sudden the world is in motion an I yell grab my feet an what does hubby do??? Laugh you want me to what????

After the ball threw me in a full summersault, not a pretty picture, pig tail down to my waist, pjs on an I was anything but stretching my spine…

so round 3…. an I tell hubby… keep me from flipping… an he says, yea, you want me to do what???

I Sit the ball in place one dog is pacing the other pulled up front row seating an hubby, legs down says, you going again???

As I sit upon the ball an lay back, feeling the spine doing its thing, all of a sudden I got no feet on the floor, one dog runs an the other finds me in bed with him….

Hubby laughing says…you trying again as I pick my 66 year old ass off the floor an proceed to put one very bad ball to bed….

Nighty night….

Adorable Spite… defeated by a exercise ball…. true story….

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