Note to self…

The tachycardia…. what caused it??? duh….

Spinal cord injury…

The last blow to the head was on Okinawa and we know that one cause a flair up of the cervical stenosis and I had an episode down at Suicide cliff, shortly there after… by this time, I still didn’t have the weird extra heart beat… no my first memory….

1976… I had moved to another apartment and was on the bus with my son and it happened the weird tachycardia… I was freaked enough, went to ER… but they found nothing and that was the case with that tachycardia until we got to Hawaii and I wore a portable unit on my chest for 2 weeks and it picked up the irregular heart beat…. Stenosis…..

Stenosis started young and the symptoms started gradually, first stomach and throwing up solid foods… blurry vision…. came after the Alabama incident… dizzyness came on after the Texas incident and narcolepsy hit after the Japan incident and weakenss hit after the Okinawa incident…

Each time, spinal cord injury and each time, inflammation… what is ironic… even though I can drink a sailor under the table an remember…. I smoked 2 packs a day…. but… by the time hubby an I married, I was transitioning out of that life style into a more healthy lifestyle and the El Paso VA operating table incident happened and I suffered a huge set back… they herniated 3 disc in my neck when I pissed off the gas passer and I guess I wasn’t suppose to remember them nearly killing me…. sigh… not one surgery have I had, that I don’t remember post op or recovery… not one…

The heart thing, the stomach thing, the bowel thing, the kidney thing, the lung thing, the rib cage thing, the legs, arms, neck, head… where didn’t they beat that baby???? or me…. sorry, still doing 3rd person junk… mind wandering as I hear hubby getting the shrink rap out…

later kids… just a memory I needed to document… about the symptoms starting long before I went active duty… or gave birth to kids… just wow on my accomplishments…

Adorable Spite… voodoo hunter and slayer, do you do the voodoo???

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