How strong is your Kungfu???

Bangers today, been reasonably quiet… but saying Mahalo Ho’Onui, seems to get their attention….

It means thank you bully in Hawaiian….

Our kid called about a job offer… she is so excited to go back to doing what she enjoys… an you try an tell her tone it down just a bit… times are changing an your kung-fu may be a tad much right now…

Brassy and sassy that’s our girl… more like her step mom, me, than her bio mom…. not a good thing sometimes either…. but she has spunk and desire and motivation and nothing better than owning your life and paying for it as you go…

Today, an yesterday an new pain that is not familiar, but connected to all the others… the MRI should give me some clue if their is an issue in that part of my brain, could explain the vision issues… which had me hog tied earlier as I captured baby chicks that got thru the chicken wire… and couldn’t get back to momma… had a blind spot, every time I tried to see the little black chicks… but back to momma they went…

I wish I could remember what the doctor on Okinawa said about my maxilla… I know it’s important… these gaps, the missing pieces of information are so frustrating and a moment later another memory will play out… it’s getting a bit crowded up here…

We were watching the news an for a second, I could have sworn a scene from “The Stand” in NY played out instead of the news… omen, premonition or just a wandering imagination… I guess we’ll know soon enough….

My view is changing… the road almost fully blocked from view… wish the noise was… an island of mixed people an some from a nation that has a brutal leader and those are the bullies I’m dealing with… so I guess I will have to look up how to say certain words in that language, it’s a little blockey with it’s dialect…

But, we have been down this road before and when we involve the law, we are done being nice neighbors… now it’s pull the laws out or put up and so far… they are packing up…

But my question about your kung-fu… mine has always been strong… and only one man has been able to deal with that… an he has laid next to me for 26 years…

Time for a quiet evening a big bowl and news….


Adorable Spite.

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