Did she figure it out???

IQ’s are all well and good, but you can be the smartest person on the planet and not have one whit of common sense…. yeppers, that be a true story…

So I wrote recently that my granddaughters… honest what happen to civility and respecting elders… anyhow… the one, who has this thought of having a gift, which is what people call being psychic…. they got religion crossing over into their thought process… why??? Because if it can’t be explained by the brain, it’s got to be magic??? or something….

So, my question…. did she figure out how she became self aware… now am I going to point out that specific moment in time…??? Lets put it this way… she gave me something in that moment in time and her words had hidden meaning… and I think, which is a terribly dangerous thing to do stoned… but I’ll have a go anyway…. but I think…

That moment in time, she recognized, I knew… I knew she was different and she was becoming aware that she was an is…. in all her goofyness… she realized before she was a teen… she was gay… I still have that gift she gave me all those years ago in the truck as we drove to our next adventure…. my that was 14 years ago…. now she is an adult, living her life, her way….

So yes, I do wonder… did she figure out, when she became self aware… or did I just tell her… memory is only as good as the memory made… that moment in time may have meant something different to her… maybe someday I will find out….

Self awareness is not a gift, it is a tool… One that is used by world leaders and religious brain washers…..

For me, my self awareness, gave me the life I have lived, after surviving death in a christian home… no clue what they call home, but that’s not my idea….

Enough deep thought… all the stuff moved that could be, now it’s on to the next things needing done… at least if they get to go forward with the dental implants, my household will be ready and shouldn’t take hubby out of his routine more than a day or two… got a feeling, just that slight amount of weight in my maxillary is going to feel heavier than it is… brain adjustment… but I’ll get to the point not noticing them… I hope… as I grimace…

Another cool, cloudy, windy once in a while rainy day on Hawaii… Noise… oh my goodness, having the cops come out here several times, put the word out among the assholes and some of the noise has stopped… it won’t last… why??? Human nature… sometimes you can’t teach anyone anything… like wearing a mask… until they get sick….


Adorable Spite…. taking a voodoo break….

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