As the Body Churns… yep, it does…

These sensations are old news, but new to me, because I haven’t felt them since the doctor saved my life after the Air Force denied me surgery…

By 1983 I had mass adhesions in my abdominal cavity… in other words, lots of scar tissue from being beaten from baby until the last blow at 17….

One of my biggest complaints after I went in the military… the burning… the absolute tummy churning burning… an because of the nerve damage, I had a hard time explaining where that came from… and now I know… thanks to physical therapy help….

The Air Force operated on me in 78 an 80… taking out my healthy female organs… so, according to my medical military records I stated my period started at 17 1/2 years old, which, with all my body went through that makes sense, but, those records are off a year… it wasn’t on Okinawa, it was on Japan… so that makes my age, closer to 16, but going on 17….

Got that straight… what this means, my hormones were totally out of whack because of the brain injuries… so my first clue… the late period… in the military after those two surgeries that cut me from hip to hip…. I bitched about burning, yada, yada, yawn and got denied health care and the commander put it in writing…

A year after discharge an Air Force surgeon at Yokota AFB saved my life, by believing me… so what’s all this mean…

The exercise… the stuff to help bring my back, back into alignment, make my neck stay in place and my pelvis at the right tilt….

My insides are working for the first time since 1982, when I asked the Air Force to refer me to a specialist… I have internal feeling of my digestive system… okay you are curious…

It means I can feel my large and small intestines moving and I can feel hunger pains… these are nerves that got strangled or compressed or pinched… and the last couple of weeks… my body is behaving the way most bodies do… normal function… just mine hasn’t ever had that… ever…

So the burning sensation in my gut and the tummy making acid and the natural burping when eating… I’m hoping things are starting to work properly for one good reason…

We will never eat or be out an about people, with me eating… why???

The never damage is so bad, that sometimes eating is a screaming motion… the spasm of the esphoagus to push the food down to my stomach is so painful, you would think you were having a massive heart attack and this is something that has progressed since my military time, because of lack of proper care on their part… again, remember, they said all I was telling them was in my head… yep, it was… TBI, Stroke and I have a bad feeling they are going to find a Infarct in the lower stem area, which would explain the permanent memory loss… but maybe not… hope springs eternal….

This body function is painful, the burning is like someone lite a fire in your gut, the organs moving around as the scar tissue pulls tighter as the muscles inside start to develop…. oh yea… talk about weight loss… Now I remember why I quit doing all this… because of the symptoms I’m having now…

My hope… they will pass… our diet is healthy, we exercise and we only smoke pot… no booze or cigs… but, it may also get a lot worse… last MRI of the scar tissue inside me, said it was still there and lots of it…. so, pain will come with this journey….

Another morning we slept pass 5AM… so, one more shed to move and that’s not anytime soon, we are slammed with other things over the next 10 days… how did retirement lazy life, go to non stop busy life????

Realizing I’m spending my 66th birthday here, not a happy camper… the way we look at it… I’ll be 70, by the time we get to leave here and a condo may be on our shopping list, right on the coast of Washington…. with us, you just never know… because….

We don’t know our limitations….


Adorable Spite….

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