Sensory over-load… note…

I had brought this up to health care professionals in the Air Force, Army, Navy and VA… and when that got me no place… hubby decides he wants to die on Hawaii, so we move here and VA sucks major and vulgar just like Trump… but I try anyway and we get some answers… until the doctor thinks her disposition is more important than what I’m paying her for… her knowledge…. so jump ship, but keep some of those other doctors in the loop and go for it… use my medicare and here we are getting the answers the government did everything they could, to keep me from getting… Government cover up??? or ignorance???

I mean come on, after the general gets busted for messing with his kid, you think my story is any different or special….???

Guess that all depends upon what the reader is wanting to get out of this blog??? Entertainment, knowledge, family member freaked I might spill the beans??? Who knows and really, who cares… 7 plus billion people on the planet, someone has lived my story… so nope, NONE of us are special…

Now you can be a special kind of stupid like Trump and his evangelical base… they did buy Roe Vs Wade… and got caught… Trumpie is caught too, but will he live to be prosecuted or will his estate end up shopping in Walmart in their PJs????

As for sensory over load, I have mentioned the fact that I can touch certain parts of my body and get a sensation that is painful, sexual, sensational and will leave your skin raw… and I bring that subject up to a Physical therapist and they diagnose it immediately… honest we pay doctors for what???

Because of the extensive nerve damage which has been that way since I was a toddler… when those areas are massaged or stimulated to reacting in the way the body should… it did, what it did to my writing the last 2 days… and you, if you read it, saw the anger… I left the posts… a good reminder of what, sensory overload does to my brain….. and after treatment in the Air Force I would go back to work and suppose to act normal????…………

I never stood a chance… they were doing it to me and top that off with a hysterectomy and hormone replacement therapy… a perfect storm for the body and brain in sensory overload….

As time passed the body became so tight an tense, I couldn’t trigger the behavior and could control my behavior…. that lasted from about 84 to 2011, when the El Paso VA hurt me on the operating table… and that problem didn’t correct its self until Jan or Feb of this year… right after the MRI had been done in Dec… showing all the problems in my neck and stenosis be thy name….

So… I begged for help and got labeled a whine baby, hypochondriac… you name it… all, just to cover up rape and attempted murder on a federal installation….

No one won, in any of this… I fought for my VA benefits and I should continue to fight for more… I’m just tired and want to live my life, knowing that my government can never be trusted and my mother and father are nothing but bullies who brainwashed my siblings, like Trump did America and they are living the life they asked for….

Yep sensory overload on Wednesday, makes me look at things a whole lot different… bored with this blog I am….

Adorable Spite… tired of mans voodoo in our lives….

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