Reality Bitch Slapped Us….

Today, in between chores, listening to all the people that know… the doctors, the scientist, the infectious disease specialist and wow, talk about a wake up call….

10 years… if not longer… the Virus is doing what I said it would do, early on this year… and control… control went out the window when countries freaked over the economy…

Hawking was right… we could very well see the demise of the human race in the next 100 years…

The virus, won’t kill us all off… but it will infect us all and it will impact each and every one of us in it’s own special way…. your vulnerabilities….

Smoker, drinker, couch potato, doper, health issues, stress…. oh stress, the most important….

The reality bitch slap, Hawaii just became home longer than we ever wanted so now what….

Well house hunting is a waste of time… couldn’t buy a 2nd home, if we can’t move to it… so why bother… going in more debt, nope… backing out of debt…

So our goal, me decide if I want to continue this goofy blog an spend money to upgrade, what I don’t understand… hubby do all he wanted outside… and personally, we pay off debt… we prepare for the time, when this virus is no longer in control and we have a say….

Right now, thanks to what christians and other countries have done with brainwashing…. wonder if garlic will grow here??? already kind of got a moat on 2 sides… some garlic… take that silver I have melt it down for bullets, close up the entrance and hide…. okay, I went off on a brain fart…

My point… the mess we are in, is because of the people in charge and those people are religious of many faiths in many man made gods and they are our leaders…. thanks to those numb nuts…

Hawaii really has become home and I really got to adjust to that fact…. wonder how much to have insulation put in these walls???

Sigh, bitch slapped by reality and listening to those who know…

Well if we got to be stuck someplace… Hawaii is okay, I’ve lived in worse places….

Adorable Spite… think I need to learn more Hawaiian beside Ho’onui…..

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