My fellow American’s I beg of you….

My dear fellow Americans… I realize that what is coming will bring such joy and happiness that restraining and refraining from celebrating when Trump loses the election, will take great desire not to infect your fellow American…

So I beg of you my fellow Americans… pass it on… When Trump loses and they carry him out in a straight jacket… promise you won’t go out an celebrate….

But a word to the wise… I’m stocking up for when that moment in time hits and hubby and I will celebrate, safely at home… mindful that the virus has mutated and can do that again and Trump is leaving our nation in such a mess….. It’s a good thing other countries aren’t fairing any better…

So yes, jump for joy, sing a song, stand on your porch and toast America…. but do it safely and not together…. I got a feeling, there will be a few million Americans jumping for joy…..

When we can turn the TV on and not hear Trumps voice ever again….

Sgt. USAF DAV public service announcement…. about as nonsensical as Trumps presidency….

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