Do YOU Get IT????

WHO is begging leaders to do their job an that isn’t going to happen…

Putin is more interested in becoming a super power, loss of life via virus, does not impact his agenda….

N. Korea Kim, he is more interested in his insanity than his people, he is a wild card that could nuke us any minute….

China, wants all its people to think the way of the leader… Take one group of people an sterilize them to kill them out an brainwash the rest….

Trump… oh Trumpie… he got the presidential job because christians in America enjoy sex so much, they want to tell you how an who you are going to have sex with…. DOUBT ME???

Thats okay sweetie, what you believe is what got us where we are at in America an people like me censored….. so you go ahead an pay for a gold throne you will never sit on let alone touch….

Adorable Spite Voodoo Hunter….. do yo do the voodoo of mans raping, lying, cheating, murdering god????

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